Exclamation words/ Indulatszavak

Exclamation words

Oh my


Spelling Pronunciation Usage Hungarian Example
ah! /ɑ:/ emotions,understanding ó! Ah, that’s nice!Ah, I see!
aha! /ɑ:ˈhɑ:/ suddenly noticing   sg aha! Aha! That’s where I left it.
boo! /bu:/ scaring hu! Boo!Clear off!
gosh! /gɔʃ/ surprise jaj! Gosh! Is that the   time?
hey! /heɪ/ getting attention hé! Hey! What are you doing here?
oh! /əʊ/ emotions óh!, jaj! Oh look! Oh no! I forgot!
ouch!ow! /aʊtʃ//aʊ/ pain juj! Ow! That hurt!


/ɜ:/     /ʊx/


disgust, anger  fuj! Yuck! This meat is   horrid!
whoops!oops! /wʊps//ʊps/ when dropping sg or   when falling hoppá! Whoops! I nearly   broke it!
wow! /waʊ/ amazement hű! Wow! I like your   shoes!


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