Features of spoken English/A beszélt angol nyelv jellemzői

Most important features of spoken English



• People often use contracted forms: e.g. I’m, you’re, didn’t.


• The first word of a sentence is frequently left out,  especially in case of a personal pronoun:


Must go! (= I must go.)

Like the car! (= I like your car.)

Going out? (= Are you going out?)


Words of general meaning are preferred, e.g.: things, stuff, and also phrases like sort ofkind of:


You can leave your things here.

Where shall I put my stuff?

I’ve got a kind of feeling they won’t come.

I feel kind of scared.

Her new skirt sort of green.


• If you do not know what to say or you are uncertain, you can use the following words and expressions:

well, you know, you see, I mean.


Well, you know, it’s hard to remember.

You see, he said, he was going to Spain.

Are we leaving? I mean, it’s getting quite late.


• In English we quite often use please and thank you.


Can you tell me way to the post office, please?

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