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Letter of confirmation/ Megerősítő levél

James Smithson Tour Manager Smithson Tour Ltd. 16 Abbey Street                                                              48 Strong Road Newcastle                                                                       York NW2 LG4                                                                        YR5 SA9                                                                                            29/June/2013   Dear Sir   I am writing this letter on the behalf of the Mosaic Hotel. Through this letter I want to confirm the bookings that you have made with us. You booked a banquet …

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Letter of invitation/ Meghívó levél

15 Cherry  Road                                                                                                           Leeds                                                                                                           LB8 WE6                                                                                                           UK                                                                                                          June 17th, 2013   Dear Thomas,   I would like to invite you and your wife to join us over a garden party which I have arranged on my birthday on June 29th, 2013 at the Red Fox, a pub near our place. All our …

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Gap-fill task/ Lyukas szöveg VI.

Complete the sentences with the words given. There is an extra word for you.                         as          hard            too            be            managed            spare          waybroadcast        often        stay        well        from        hunting        good renting         that         whole         live         road         there         worth   Dear Jill I hope the holidays find you and you family all 1. ………. and …

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Riddles/Találós kérdések

Q: Why did the man put the clock in the safe?                               A: He wanted to save time.   Q: What has a neck, but no head? A: A bottle.   Q: What has two hands and a face, but no arms and legs? A: A clock.   Q: What are two things people never eat …

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