Words that go together/ Szókapcsolatok

Task 1                                                                                                                                                

Match the adjective or verb with an adverb. You can use an adverb more than once.

boiling                                    ill

highly                                     hurt

gravely                                   hot

bitterly                                    disappointed

badly                                      obvious

glaringly                                 unlikely

drink                                       sick

fail                                          miseably

frozen                                     heavily

worried                                   stiff

sleep                                       soundly



Task 2

Which adjective? Choose an adjective to go with the noun in the sentences.

  1. The latest figures show a ……… increase in crime.                          minute
  2.  I have no idea how much it costs – this is just a ……… guess.        wild
  3. She explained in …….. detail how the machine worked.                   heavy
  4. It was by ……. luck that I knew the answer to every question.          full
  5. He will face a ……. fine if he is found guilty of speeding.                  sharp
  6. There is a ……… competition to get a place at the university.          fierce
  7. She accepted ……… responsibility for the mistake.                          sheer


Answer key:

Task 1:

boiling hot, highly unlikely, gravely ill, bitterly cold, bitterly disappointed, badly hurt, glaringly obvious,

drink heavily, fall miserably, frozen stiff, sleep soundly, bored stiff

Task 2:

1.a sharp increase, 2. a wild guess, 3. in minute detail, 4. by sheer luck, 5. a heavy fine,

6. fierce competition, 7. full responsibility

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