Task on pronunciation/Kiejtési gyakorlat

Here are four vowel sounds that have different spellings. Write each word under the vowel sound that it contains,

or that the underlined part of the word contains.

             /ə/               /ɪ/              /ʌ/            /ᴈ꞉/











bird                    money

biscuit               mountain

blood                 moustache

busy                  nurse

certain               one

chocolate          orange

control              other

country             package

earth                 packet

expert               pleasure

famous             pretty       

heard                woman

journey             women  

language          won

married            work

minute (noun)


Solution: /Megoldás:   

/ə/: certain, chocolate, control, famous, moustache, pleasure, woman

/ɪ/: mountain, biscuit, busy, language, married, minute, orange, package, packet, pretty, women   

/ʌ/: other, blood, country, money, one, won

/ᴈ/: bird, earth, expert, heard, journey. nurse, work                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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