Phonetic symbols/Fonetikus jelek


/p/        put                              /Ʒ/        vision                                                                                

/b/        bag                              /h/        hot

/t/         time                            /χ/        loch

/d/        day                             /ʧ/        chair

/k/        can                              /ʤ/      jam

/g/        dog                             /m/       meat

/f/        foot                             /n/        snow

/v/        very                            /ŋ/        sing

/θ/        three                           /w/       water

/ð/        this                              /r/         ring

/s/        sit                                /l/         small

/z/        zebra                           /j/         you

                                               /ᶴ/         shine


Vowels and diphthongs:

/ɪ/         tip                               /ᴐ꞉/       caught

/e/        bed                             /u꞉/       boot

/æ/       tap                              /ᴈ꞉/       bird

/ɒ/        hot                              /eɪ/       name

/ʌ/        cut                              /аɪ/       buy

/ʊ/        book                           /ᴐɪ/       boy

/ə/        about                          /əʊ/      go

i/          pretty                          /аʊ/      now

/u/        annual                         /ʊə/      cure

/i꞉/        bee                              /eə/      hair

/ɑ꞉/       car                               /ɪə/       hear


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