Confusable words 2/Könnyen összekeverhető szavak 2.

Choose the correct word in the sentences.                                                               


  1. The skirt does not fit. I’ll have to have it changed/altered.
  2. Where were you trained/educated to be a doctor?
  3. My younger brother is studying to be an electrical/electric engineer.
  4. I wish you grew up, Paul! You are so childlike/childish.
  5. There is a rumour/reputation going round the office that Mr Smith ans Miss Thomson are getting engaged.
  6. I am afraid the boot is full. There is no place/room for any more bags.
  7. I’ll see you next week – eventually/possibly on Tuesday.
  8. The baby winked/blinked when his mother clapped her hands in front of his face.
  9. It is too hot. Let’s go and sit in the shadow/shade for a while.
  10. If people smoke in bed, they should at least take precaution of buying non-flammable/inflammable sheets and blankets.



1. altered, 2. trained, 3. electrical, 4. childish, 5. rumour, 6. room, 7. possibly, 8. winked, 9. shade, 10. non-flammable

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