Easter traditions

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Saturday is traditionally spent decorating Easter eggs and hunting them with children on Sunday morning, by which time they have mysteriously hidden all over the house and

garden. Other traditions involve parents telling their children that eggs and other treats such as chocolate or rabbits, and marshmallow chicks, have been delivered by the Easter Bunny

in an Easter basket, which children find waiting for them they wake up. Some families have a traditional Sunday roast, often of roast lamb or ham. Hot cross buns, spiced buns

with a cross on top, traditionally associated with Good Friday.

In Scotland, the north of England, and Northern Ireland, the of rolling decorated eggs down steep hills is still adhered to.

In the USA, egg tapping is known egg knocking. Competitors pair up knock the tips of two eggs . If the shell of your egg cracks you have to forfeit it, a process that continues

until just one egg .