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Idioms with parts of the body/Testrészekkel kapcsolatos idiómák

Choose the body part that fits in the sentence.                                                                 back       eye         eyes         nose         head          head mind      heart       arm          feet          heels         chest   1. Doctor, there is something I need to get off my ……… .   2. I don’t know what’s wrong with my boss today. I only asked a question and she bit …

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Ways to call your lover/A szerelmünk megszólítása

  ♥ Nicknames from A – Z♥ Adorable Angel Angel Heart Apple of My Eye Babe Baby Baby Doll Baby Face Beautiful Bon-bon Bunny Charming Cheeky Monkey Cutie Pie Daisy Darling Dear Dear Heart Diamond Dove Everything Flower Gold Gorgeous Handsome Hero Honey Hot Stuff Hottie Hunk Joy Killer Kissie Pie Kitten Love Lovie My …

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What to say to your sweetheart/Mit mondjunk a szerelmünknek

♥Useful phrases that you can say to your sweetheart♥:                                                       ♥ You are simply beautiful. ♥ You are just adorable. ♥ You’re my number one. ♥ You’ve got me hooked. ♥ You are the most beautiful girl under the sun. ♥ I have butterflies in my stomach. ♥ I’m head over heels in love with you. …

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Words connected to love/Szerelemmel kapcsolatos szavak

♥NOUNS OF LOVE♥:                                                                                                     ♥ BEAUTY: attractiveness, grace, loveliness ♥ CHARM: attraction, glamour ♥ DELIGHT: happiness, joy, pleasure ♥ DEVOTION: affection, fidelity, dedication ♥ HAPPINESS: bliss, cheerfulness, delight, joyfulness ♥ HOPE: faith, optimism, belief ♥ JOY: bliss, delight, elation, gladness ♥ LOYALTY: devotion, faithfulness, fidelity ♥ MARRIAGE: wedding, wedlock, bond, union ♥ RESPECT: admiration, appreciation, esteem, …

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Expressing likes and dislikes/Tetszés, nem tetszés kifejezése

LIKES: If something is good or perfect, people say: –          It’s magic! –          It’s brilliant! –          Excellent! –          Wicked! If somebody does something very well, people say: –          You’re a star. –          She’s a genius. If an idea or a plan is great, people say: –          ’Let’s go and watch this film.’ ’Cool.’ –          ’I’ll …

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Here is a list of high frequency prepositions.                                                                                               in on at where in   England/London in   the street in   a queue on   the first/ second floor on   the list at   the top/bottom at   the cinema at   the   station at   work/school when in   the …

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Word formation/Szóképzés

Using the prefixes and suffixes below, change the words in bold to complete the sentences.                       -ally, -ment, -ify, extra-, trans-, -ous, -ward, -able, il-, -ish Simpler language would make this article more ………… .   read What do people in your country …………. eat at Easter?  tradition Do you have this jacket in an …

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Confusable words 2/Könnyen összekeverhető szavak 2.

Choose the correct word in the sentences.                                                                  The skirt does not fit. I’ll have to have it changed/altered. Where were you trained/educated to be a doctor? My younger brother is studying to be an electrical/electric engineer. I wish you grew up, Paul! You are so childlike/childish. There is a rumour/reputation going round the office …

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Agreeing and disagreeing/Egyetértés, egyet nem értés

Here is a list of useful phrases on agreeing and disagreeing from the simplest to the most complex ones:         • Yes. • True. • That’s right. • I don’t think so. • I can’t agree. • Oh, surely not. • True enough. • I absolutely agree. • I couldn’t agree more. • I’m not …

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Giving your opinion/Vélemény kinyilvánítása

Here is a list of useful phrases on giving your opinion from the simplest to the most complex ones:            • I think this is the best club. • I believe this is the best club. • I feel this is the best club. • Well, I must say this is the best club. • …

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