Prepozíciós kifejezések/Prepositional expressions


at a party

at church, at school, at home

at university

at work

at first sight

at first

at random

at (the same) time

at a (high) speed

at all costs

at the age of

at the end (of sg)

live at a certain address



by (any) chance

by accident

by means of sg

by mistake

by post/fax/e-mail

by sight

a book by Mark Twain

a film by George Lucas

know/address sb by name

know/learn sg by heart

go by car/bus/plane etc.



for a change

for a while

for ages/ever

for nothing

for sb’s sake

go for a walk/a swim/ a ride



from time to time



in a loud/quiet/low voice

in advance

in sb’s car, in a red car, in a big car

in the end

in the middle of sg

in time

in touch

in a hurry

in bed

in debt

have sg in common

write in pen, ink, pencil



on a journey

on behalf of sb

on business

on duty

on fire

on foot

on holiday

on purpose

on sale

on the one hand, on the other hand

on the radio/on TV

on the right/ on the left

be/go on a diet

be/go on strike


OUT OF                                                                                              

out of breath

out of order

out of sight

out of the question




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