Eden Project/ Az Éden Project

Choose the word that fits in the sentences.


Over the next 20 years, up to a quarter of the world’s trees and other plants could 1. been/be lost for ever. But not if one of the most exciting conservation 2. projects/project, the Eden Project, has anything to do with it.

A disused china clay pit in Cornwall, south-west England, is home to the project, the 3. vision/sight of Tim Smit. Eden 4. says/tells the fascinating story of mankind’s relationship with plants. Its futuristic greenhouses or biomes, which are the largest in the world, 5. recognise/recreate the world’s different climates. The project 6. house/houses more than 10,000 species of trees and plants. Its aim is to promote their 7. responsibility/responsible and sustainable management.

In the Humid Tropics Biome are plants from the Amazon, Africa and Malaysia, while the smaller Temperate Biome 8. contains/connects plants to enjoy a Mediterranean climate. Outside, on the terraces are plants that have 9. played/worked an important role in human development, such as wheat and sunflowers.




Solution:/Megoldás: 1. be, 2. projects, 3. vision, 4. tells, 5. recreate, 6. houses, 7. responsible,        8. contains, 9. played

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