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Pubs/Angol kocsmák

Complete the text with the words given.                                                game         door       homes      drinks from          events    used      traditional Tea has always been a popular drink in the UK. So has beer and what better place to ’sup’ a  1. ………………. British pint than in a public house or ’pub’. Although it is possible to buy …

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Celtic crosses/Kelta keresztek

Complete the text with the words given.                                                         popular          were        came          throughout chiefs            marking   history        place Another island off Scotland’s west coast, Iona, has an important place in the 1. ………….. of Christianity in the UK. It is well-known 2. …………. of pilgrimage to this day. It is said that in AD 563 …

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London Underground (Tube)/A londoni metró

Complete the text with the words given.      centre         become         around         railway operated        urban           each           immediate It was thanks to horsedrawn vehicles and the congestion they caused in London’s streets that people turned their thoughts to constructing an underground 1……………….. . When it was opened in 1863, the London Underground or ’tube’, was the …

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Afternoon tea/Ötórai tea

Choose the word that fits in the sentences.                                                 Time for tea No village cricket 1. play/match would be complete without a break for tea. The Dutch first brought tea to Europe in 1610, although it 2. took/made some time for what is now the most popular English drink to catch on. At first it was …

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Nipper, the dog/ Nipper kutya

Nipper, the dog Complete the text with the words given.                                                     black             now             painting                sound first               born             famous                 brother   Music lovers everywhere will instantly recognise Nipper. Nipper features on the ’His Master’s Voice’ trademark. Nipper, a Jack Russell, was 1. ………… in Bristol in 1884 and was so named because he liked to …

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Christmas quotes and sayings/ Karácsonyi üdvözletek

 Funny quotes:                                                                                                 • Wishing you a season filled with sweetness.   • Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.   • You don’t need Visa when you got Santa!   • Sugar and spice makes Christmas nice!   • If you don’t believe, you won’t receive!   • Christmas prayer: Guardian angel pure and …

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Holidays in Britain/ Brit ünnepek

• Valentine’s Day On 14 th February many people send a card to the one they love or                           someone they have fallen in love with. The card is usually not signed, so people spend a lot of time trying to guess who has sent them.   • Pancake Day: Ash Wednesday is the day in …

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