Christmas idioms


Be there with bells on: refers to a positive reaction to an invitation meaning.

Example: I can’t wait to see my daughter singing at the Christmas play, I will be there with bells on.          


Christmas came early (this year): means that something good has happened unexpectedly.

Example: I have won a lottery! Lucky you, sounds like Christmas came early this year.


Christmas comes but once a year: the fact that Christmas happens only once a year refers to an excuse that we should enjoy this time to the fullest by indulging ourselves with e.g. food and drinks.

Example: I know, I should stop eating these delicious chocolate rolls but Christmas comes but once a year.


Stocking stuffer: a small, usually cheaper, Christmas present that may be put in a Christmas stocking or given to somebody during Christmas time.Example: If you are looking for a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for your children, check out our website.


To beat the holiday blues: to get over the melancholy, stress and frustration which some people might also feel or associate with holiday time.

Example: The best way to beat the holiday blues is to spend Christmas time with your loved ones.

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