Ceremony of the Keys/Kulcsátadási ceremónia

Choose the word that fits in the sentence.         


„Halt! Who comes there?”

„The keys.”

„Whose keys?”

„Queen Elizabeth’s Keys.”

„Pass Queen Elizabeth’s Keys – all’s well.”

This exchange can be heard every night at the Tower of London just as it 1. has/have been for the last 700 years or more. The Ceremony of the Keys is one of the 2. older/oldest surviving military ceremonies in the world. As once a Royal Palace, a prison and home to the Crown 3. Jewellery/Jewels (as it is still today), security at the Tower has always been of the utmost importance. Every night the Chief Yeoman Warder collects an armed escort and patrols the precincts, 4. loced/locking all the gates and doors. Every night at the Bloody Tower the sentry’s challenge rings out. The keys are then 5. handed/handing over to the Tower’s Governor for safe-keeping during the night.

The Yeoman Warders of the Tower or ’Beefeaters’ as they are more commonly known, have been at the Tower for 6. hundred/hundreds of years. Today the Yeoman Warders are still Extraordinary Members of the Queen’s Bodyguard. Besides their traditional 7. ceremony/ceremonial role, they act as tourist guides, entertaining millions of visitors.

As for the name ’Beefeater’ – this comes 8. from/about the French word ’boufitier’ which means ’one who waits at sideboard’, once a duty of the Yeoman’s Warders.



1. has, 2. oldest, 3. Jewels, 4. locking, 5. handed, 6. hundreds, 7. ceremonial, 8. from


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