Adjectives to describe women/Melléknevek nők leírására

Bubbly: Energetic, chatty, and talks one’s ear off. Stereotype: Cher Horowitz from Clueless.

Cher Horowitz



Mousy: A plain-looking brunette who needs a haircut and a makeover. Stereotype: Rachael Leigh Cook from She’s All That.Rachel Leigh Cook



Perky: High-energy, often accompanied by delightfully bouncy breasts. Stereotype: Sally from When Harry Met Sally.



Shirley Temple

Adorable: A way to refer to someone who is cuter than cute. Stereotype: Shirley Temple.


Feisty: Stubborn and good at her job. Stereotype: Erin Brokovich.

Erin BrockovichSoft-spoken: A shy woman who is frequently referred to as a “girl.” Stereotype: Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club.

Allison Reynolds



Annie Hall

Ditzy: A woman who is so forgetful that her efforts often result in silly mistakes. Stereotype: Annie Hall from Annie Hall.



Complicated: The crazy woman whom a man will continue to chase because she’s attractive. See also: quirky. Stereotype: Summer from 500 Days of Summer



Fiery: A passionate woman, often accompanied by flaming red hair. Stereotype: Rose from Titanic.


Bitchy: An unpleasant woman who causes resentment among her peers. Stereotype: Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

Miranda Priestly


Curvy: Nicely shaped breasts and bottom (and stomach and hips). Stereotype: Kim Kardashian.Kim Kardashian

Jessica Rabbit
Sultry: A woman so seductive that she causes strong attraction. Stereotype: Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Voluptuous: Curvy and sultry. Stereotype: Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

Joan Holloway

Hormonal: Prone to unpredictable mood swings, with or without crying or alcohol binges. Stereotype: Elise Elliot from The First Wive’s Club.              Elise Elliot

Elizabeth Taylor

Ravishing: A woman so good-looking men want to seize her and carry her. Stereotype: Elizabeth Taylor.

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