Daily Archive: 2013-11-10

Exclamation words/ Indulatszavak

Exclamation words   Spelling Pronunciation Usage Hungarian Example ah! /ɑ:/ emotions,understanding ó! Ah, that’s nice!Ah, I see! aha! /ɑ:ˈhɑ:/ suddenly noticing   sg aha! Aha! That’s where I left it. boo! /bu:/ scaring hu! Boo!Clear off! gosh! /gɔʃ/ surprise jaj! Gosh! Is that the   time? hey! /heɪ/ getting attention hé! Hey! What are you doing …

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Features of spoken English/A beszélt angol nyelv jellemzői

Most important features of spoken English   • People often use contracted forms: e.g. I’m, you’re, didn’t.   • The first word of a sentence is frequently left out,  especially in case of a personal pronoun:   Must go! (= I must go.) Like the car! (= I like your car.) Going out? (= Are you …

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