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Complete the sentences with the words given.                                                        is           cheese           made           without      regions        name          flavour          recipe       Cheese and salad sandwiches, Welsh Rarebit (a tasty cheese mixture toasted on bread), and Ploughman’s lunch (a wedge of cheese served with crusty bread and pickles) are firm favourites. Traditional cheeses are …

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Ceremony of the Keys/Kulcsátadási ceremónia

Choose the word that fits in the sentence.                                                  „Halt! Who comes there?” „The keys.” „Whose keys?” „Queen Elizabeth’s Keys.” „Pass Queen Elizabeth’s Keys – all’s well.” This exchange can be heard every night at the Tower of London just as it 1. has/have been for the last 700 years or more. The Ceremony of the …

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The Proms/Promenád koncertek

Complete the sentences with the words given.   other           by            smoking           loversstand          in             styles                during       The audience is responsible for the very name of a popular series of concerts enjoyed by music 1……………………… every summer. The ’Promenade Concerts’, better known as the Proms, were so named because originally the audience ’promenaded’ or …

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